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My name is Amanda. I have been an artist my whole life. My schoolwork has always been covered in doodles and I could never wait to get to art class. I knew that I would do art as I was growing up, but hadn't considered graphic design until fairly recently. There was a time that I didn't like art that wouldn't leave you dirty. I remember leaving art class covered in paint, charcoal, clay or whatever else we were using at the time. I decided to give graphic design a go after being encouraged by others. Once I was in school and began to use the programs I was hooked. I loved that there was another way to creatively express myself.

I received my AA in Graphic Communications at Western Nevada College in Spring 2014. Since then, I have done everything from designing T-shirts, decals and advertisements, to re-branding companies. I'm proficient in Adobe products and even Corel draw. I especially know my way around a vinyl plotter. I love to work with companies that are as eager to grow artistically as I am.

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