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Disney+ Show Pitch

In 2020 I was asked to help build a pitch for a new show on Disney+. Unfortunately, Disney had to table it due to COVID. For this project I took notes from the producer and created the logo and color scheme first, followed by a 2 pager that would accompany the sizzle reel. I kept the colors earthy to reflect the shows content. 


Show details: "Bill Farmer hosts an exciting new show that will take us back to our roots, literally! It’s “Dirty Jobs” meets “How It’s Made.” We head to farms all around the country to learn where our food and drinks really come from. Bill will introduce us to the colorful characters of the farming and ranching world, and show us hands on unique ways our food and drinks are grown"

Project Highlights:

  • Art Direction

  • Illustration

  • Custom Logo

  • Print Design

  • Photo Editing

  • Digital Design

  • Composition

  • Color Theory

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